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What is MAXGXL? 
v     max-gxl is not a glutathione supplement
v     maxg-gxl stimulates natural glutathione production within the celland concentrates in both intra & extracellular mediums.
v     it is one of the most concentrated intracellular anti-oxidants
v     the body loses 8-12% glutathione storage per decade from age 20
v     after 3 months max-gxl has been proven to increase glutathione storage measurably in the lymphocytes by up to 300%
v     max-gxl has a composition patent that:      promotes absorption       directs destination STIMULATES GLUTATHIONE production
v     recycles anti-oxidants
v     increases energy
v     detoxifies liver
v     improves heart function
v     strengthen’s the immune system
v     Aids optimal brain function
v     reduces inflamation
v     protects against the aging process
v     Aids restfull sleep
v     provides sustain energy
v     enhances athletic performance and recovery
v     first line of defence against illness
 Õ              make it!
Õ              recycle it!
Õ              store it!

*      adult resiratory distress syndrome
*      allergies
*      anoxia induced neuronal damage
*      anti-bacterial
*      anti-hepatotoxic
*      anti-inflammatory
*      anti-oxidant intra cellular
*      anti-toxin
*      anti-viral
*      atp production
*      b-cell malignancies
*      b-lymphocyte stimulator
*      bronco pulmonary dysplasia
*      cancer
*      cataract formation
*      cellular immune response
*      cholesterol
*      chronic fatigue
*      crohn’s disease
*      decrease fatigue
*      diabeties
*      emphysema
*      encephalitis
*      endotoxemia
*      energy
*      ethanol detox
*      fat soluble to water soluble gsh
*      gastric ulcers
*      gastrointestinal integrity
*      hemorrhage
*      hepatitis
*      HIV
*      homeostasis promoter
*      humoral immune response
*      muscle recovery
*      myalgias
*      myeloma
*      myocardial infarction
*      natural killer cell stimulator
*      neoplasia
*      oxygen toxicity
*      parkinsons
*      performance enhancer
*      pulmonary o2 toxins
*      radiation sickness
*      recovery
*      rheumatoid arthritis
*      sepis syndrome
*      spinal coed trauma
*      stress
*      stress from biologics
*      stroke
*      t- lymphocyte stimulator
*      undesired cell apoptosis
*      uvetis
*      viral infections                                                                  





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